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Easter’s on its Way!

Yesterday I started thinking about Easter. My children and grandchildren will be visiting for the Holy Holiday, so the planning has begun. Then, I went to Walmart to put plan A into action. I started by collecting baskets and buckets in the shopping cart. Then came jelly beans, chocolate eggs, jolly ranchers and skittles- no peeps or bunnies. Our middle daughter refuses to nibble on animals. I imagine she will dissuade her children from doing so as well. Soon I spotted a huge bag of our favorite bite size chocolates to put in plastic eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. That went into the cart too. I could not leave with out getting a couple of clothing items for the grand babies and some plush toys.

How will I manage hoarding chocolate in my house for a whole month without touching it? Too late, I opened the big bag; you knew I would. I should put the whole thing in a sealed container and take it to a trusted friend to hold onto it for me. Any volunteers? Easter is not really about candy and eggs of course. It may have gotten too commercial like Christmas, but it is so fun to delight the children of all ages with festive traditions.

How do we convey the wonder of Easter that has aligned itself with Spring awakenings? I always thought that nothing compared to the excitement of a risen Savior. Nothing has ever come close for me. The Hallelujah praises, the joy of Jesus’s victory over death, and the stone that was rolled away, amounts to a promise of being joined together by an incomparable love of God.

I am hoping my family will wake up in time and that we can emerge from our homes for an Easter service that is outside in the warm fresh air. I long to see the array of lilies and children dressed in their Sunday best. I yearn to hear the sound of the trumpet and the brass instruments announcing a day a triumph. I would love to sit around a banquet table and celebrate the grace and mercy of the Lord who has lead us through a pandemic. I would like to tell the story of Mary and the Angel at the tomb to the my grandchildren. “He is not here, he has risen.”

Plan B is grocery shopping for a week of healthy plant based foods on April first. Hubby is supplying the ham. It takes a lot of meat to feed the sons-in-law. They will get an Easter basket too. One son said, “Chocolate is not a special treat, it is a basic human right.” I support human rights, but I also know that cane sugar is addictive like cocaine. I will not spoil the grandchildren with chocolate to the point that they do not eat their delicious greens.

If we keep our minds on God’s plan for good health, we will not be part of the spread of the virus. We will be part of filling the spirit with joy and Good News. We will gladden the heart and soul with love and laughter. May your Lenten journey be filled with good plans and the promise not to eat all of the kid’s candy.

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