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Flower Power

Yesterday, the sunny disposition of my front yard beckoned for flowers. So, I went to Abide A While Garden Center to find plants, a bag of soil and plant food. I saw two wrought iron basket planters, with lush greens growing together like a happy family. The sales woman told me they would need mostly shade. Well, my front porch faces East with bright sunshine most of the day. So, she advised me on assembling my own arrangement with the sun loving plants of Spring. I put the back seats of my SUV down and loaded all my purchases with the help of a nice young man. All of the employees were so accommodating.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I was about to face the daunting task of unloading and planting all that I bought. “Maybe a couple of Garden Club friends might like to come over and advise me,” I thought. When I got home, I sent out an SOS to two friends. One was available and said, “I will get my gloves and trowel, then ride over on my bike.”

I admit, I am one of those people who cleans before the cleaning team comes. My adrenalin kicked in and I filled the red wagon three times to cart my bounty to the front porch. I placed 21 little plants where I thought they should go. I clamped down the hangers for the wrought iron baskets, hoping they would hold. I added the hemp liner and filled it with fresh potting soil.

My sweet friend arrived as I was taking root bound geraniums out of the pots. She helped me add soil, sweep up dirt and water the plants. The most important part was when we stood in front of the house and agreed that it looked good. Now I can rest.

The first story in the Bible is about God creating a world that was perfect. The world included a garden that had everything two people could ask for or imagine. Then He rested and said, “It is good.” Genesis One is a splendid story of creation. I believe it is our nature to try and recreate that garden in the midst of all our cities and factories. We are trying to overcome our own pollution and endless building. We know without a doubt that humans are completely responsible for destroying what was perfect. Nevertheless, nature is at work every day to renew and restore itself back to the original beautiful gardens, forests and oceans.

Every flower and tree that we plant is a way to join in the effort of restoration. When we all help each other it is a community of love as God intended. “We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden,” is my favorite Joni Mitchell lyrics from “Big Yellow Taxi”. We cannot do it alone. We need the grace and mercy of the Lord, and the hands of dear friends.

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Sondra R. Smith
Sondra R. Smith
06. Mai 2021

Delightful perspective! And wow -- you did buy plants! I love the lupines, they will return if you plant them in the soil. I like to harvest its seeds in late summer and add new clumps of plantings every spring!

Gefällt mir
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