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Manual Labor

This week, my hubby was my hero. There are times when I have thought that men are overrated, and the furnace installation men were about to be put on that list. They installed a completely new HVAC system a month ago. The furnace is tucked tightly into the attic. Two men worked eight straight hours to prove they could finish in a day. The last step was to show me how to program the new digital thermostats for our two zone system.

We experienced several cold nights this month. I prefer to keep the heat at 68 degrees. Overnight, the temperature was 68 degrees downstairs, but rose to a sweltering 80 degrees upstairs. Luckily, we sleep downstairs. The Carrier salesman promised the service men would be back to fix the problem. They arrived the next day to manually shut the damper where the motor was not working. Two weeks later, a new mother board was installed that was to speak more directly to the motor. It did not. After fifty phone calls and five days of of waiting at home for the service men to show up again, I was about to have a melt down. The promised men never showed up. I decided to take my frustration to God in prayer.

Hubs took matters into his own hands. He found the manual for the thermostat and read it cover to cover. He followed directions to engage each of the zones and programmed the upstairs sensor to talk to the central command. The temperatures just about balanced. We are living in comfort once again without running fans and opening windows. Hubby has solved hundreds of problems and prevented thousands of disasters in his career as a lawyer. He is my hero.

I do not understand why the service professionals did not set up the zones and allow the thermostat to properly do its job. What I do know is that God shows up. He fixes things, He does it right the first time, and his manual is easy to read. His good news in the New Testament is that we are forgiven for all the times we screw up, or don’t show up. In turn, if we forgive and show kindness and patience to others; it will improve our disposition and the ultimate outcomes.

Yesterday, a service man showed up at 5:00, just as we were leaving for a dinner date. He confirmed that the motor was not responding to the mother board, and he needed help to figure out why. Maybe he will be back soon with help.

Men disappoint. Well, all people fall short of our potential to show up, love, and provide good service. Romans 3:23 “For we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” The best part is the next verse. “…and are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” We can give grace too, but only Jesus was able to redeem us for eternity.

Hubby did the manual labor that provided a solution to our immediate problem. Thank goodness he can think clearly in a heated situation.

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