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Navigation Nightmare

Dear Siri, I am breaking up with you. You are no longer going to be my navigator. I have followed you, unsuspecting of the dangers to which you were leading me. I trusted you, and you did not take me to my desired destination. I listened, but you were not always intelligible. Google Maps will be my favored guide from now on.

Yesterday, I drove from Aiken to Charleston, South Carolina. I knew that midway on the route there would be a detour due to a bridge repair. I asked Siri for directions, to make sure I had help if the detour signs were hard to follow in the rain and fog. An hour into the trip, Siri told me to take an unfamiliar road – then another and another. Suddenly, I was turning onto a red dirt road. No pavement, no center line. Just dirt. Is this right, Siri? It was only two miles, so I continued over pot holes and through rivulets of water.

“Lord, I need you right now,” I said aloud. My muscles were tense as the car bounced and jiggled around the ditches. I would have been scared and crying like a baby had I tried to drive home the night before, in the dark. In the light of day, I was nervous but not afraid. I prayed for a paved road to be next on the agenda. And then one appeared. Hallelujah, I made it through that gauntlet, and felt like I was back to civilization on a smooth street with signs about the detour.

I saw some dilapidated shacks on that dirt road. “Did you want me to see this for a reason, Lord.” Perhaps it was a reminder that my everyday life is an easy path to follow. This naturally led to thoughts about following Jesus. We can follow people on Facebook by simply reading their posts. Jesus asks us to do more than just read his words in the Bible.

He calls us to be compassionate, to touch the lives of others, and to help them see the path to follow. This is the path that leads to salvation. Matthew 20:34 “Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes; and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.”

All the people who witnessed these miracles spread the good news about new life in Christ.

This message has never been a passing fad. It has developed into a lifestyle of loving. New life does not feel like a newly paved highway with four lanes facilitating our speedy arrival at a wondrous destination. New life may in fact be a dirt road with pot holes. We have to drive slowly around some of the bumps so our travel does not stall completely by losing a wheel or a tire. It takes time to develop a love like Christ so that we will one day be able to navigate in the dark without fear.

Remarkably, I made it home in the same amount of time that it takes without a detour. The last thirty minutes in the rain were also a tension filled time. Water bounced off the trucks and the pavement on the highway. Visibility was sometimes an issue. I like to see what is ahead with clarity. When that is not possible, I pray and I trust the Lord to guide me. Siri was helpful, but following Jesus gives me way more confidence.

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