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Surprise Surprise

This week, my children have surprised me in many ways. First, there was the birthday gift they sent in the mail last week. A huge box that I opened immediately. I am notorious for not waiting until the the day of an event to open cards and gifts. The label said “easel” so I stopped there in case they had a presentation of some kind. It came to pass there was no official time for gift opening, so the day after my birthday I got up early to assemble it. I realized I needed an assistant and waited another day.

My middle child got up before her children yesterday to help me. She arranged the parts and we screwed them in very quickly. I dashed up to my art supplies to get a canvas to see how it all worked together. It is such a professional structure that the level of my art dabbling will either improve or I will be crushed under the expectation to produce a Monet or Renoir. Honestly, my art will never be worth thousands, much less millions. I still give it away as gifts and have never sold a piece.

The next surprise is that my children have been doing most of the cooking and clean up. What a joy. My youngest daughter has assisted in menu planning, shopping, and prep for every meal. The husbands have grilled everything from oysters to lamb. Everything is delicious. It is hard for me to stay out of the kitchen, but I have been happy to this week because I could spend more time with the grandchildren.

The best surprise is their patience with me. I am battling a reaction to the Covid vaccine. All the children have been comforting and helpful. They are used to me taking charge. It is so nice that I could relax and heal. I have not worried about going to bed early. I have not fretted about anything really. I am so thankful for my family.

Last night, I went to bed feeling angry that I am not stronger and more resilient. It led to thoughts about everything that needs improvement in our lives. I could feel the enemy working against me and my desire to love my family for all they are, instead of what I think they should be. Certainly, all moms want their children to be healthy and kind, wise and productive. I prayed for my heart to be filled with gratitude in place of the worry about their future.

The words of Proverbs 22:6 assured me: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” They are now lovely adults, full of surprises. I was able to add some color and detail in their first eighteen years. They have completed the canvas on their own. God had already made the masterpiece that I call my children. Whatever I decide to paint in the future, it will be bright.

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