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Tune Up!

Yesterday, I took the car in for an oil change. I was not sure when the last one was, because the sticker on the windshield had faded in the sun. I spent the last nine months in Ohio without a car while my Mazda sat fairly idle in the garage. When I called the service manager, I asked, “When was my last check up?” He said, “January of 2020.” Yes, I am the kind of wife that gives husbands nightmares. I forget to change the filter on the furnace and pay for the annual insurance premiums. I will never be a responsible independent woman. I need my reminder man. The manager said there were several people (apparently men too) that had not been driving much this past year, or getting their oil changed.

Doctors have said that their clientele have skipped their regular check ups as well. It may have been to avoid germ exposure, or perhaps they felt others need the doctors more than they do right now. It would be best if we start getting back on schedule to have a peek under the hood. This of course includes an attitude tune up.

Has cancelations and isolation brought out a grumpy side you did not know you had? Has working from home put stress on your relationships? Have people been avoiding you to the point that you have self-doubts and no steam left in your self- esteem? Then there are three things you can do that do not involve medication, lube and oil, or binge watching Netflix.

1. Get outside for a walk. Every time I do, there is a neighbor or a former stranger that is happy to chat. This completely brightens my day.

2. Cook a new recipe and share it with a neighbor. This revs my engine because I love to eat and I love to share with others.

3. Call, not text, a senior member of the family. Especially one who lives alone. Chances are they invested in us when we were too young to remember. They like to know we think about them. I come from a family who does not like to talk on the phone, so it takes time to cultivate a meaningful conversation. I take notes from my sister-in-law who can do a filibuster and should be a talk show radio host. I love her and her ability to keep things lively. My youngest daughter also has this gift.

There are other perk-me-ups, like getting a fifteen minute hair trim (that is all it takes without a wash and blow dry), or driving to the grocery store for ingredients for that new recipe. Just make sure there is oil in the car, and gasoline. Should I forget the gas, it is walking distance from the grocery store to home. Think of all the people I could encounter for a friendly smile exchange.

We are not alone or neglected like my poor Mazda. Just in case you have not heard it, Hebrews 13:5 Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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